4 Best Dude Ranches In Tennessee

French Broad Ranch

The warm climate alone makes Tennessee a great place to go for a dude ranch. And that’s before you get to the wide open spaces, the stunning surroundings, and the Smoky Mountains.  Add to all that a tradition of cowboy culture and a tendency to put family first, and you have the perfect recipe for … Read more

5 Best Dude Ranches in South Dakota

Dennis Ranch

South Dakota is a wonderland of natural beauty and living legends. Abundant in rolling hills, glaciers like the Missouri River, and mountains like Black Elk Peak, the rugged beauty of the state welcomes visitors for adventure and relaxation. Along with iconic landmarks and miles of ridged badlands, South Dakota is home to many outstanding guest … Read more

8 Best Dude Ranches In Texas

West 1077 Ranch

The vast open fields of Texas are the perfect place for a dude ranch vacation. With hundreds of acres, these dude ranches have more than enough area for herds of longhorn cattle or horses to roam, as well as endless horseback riding trails to explore.  It’s hard to find something more fun than a getaway … Read more

6 Best Dude Ranches In Idaho

Diamond D Ranch

If you want a vacation with a difference, then it’s worth considering a stay at one of the best dude ranches in Idaho. Spread throughout the state, the properties here can offer various vacation experiences, from working ranches where you work alongside the owners to all-inclusive vacations with every luxury you could wish for.  Whether … Read more

7 Best Dude Ranches In California

Rankin Ranch

California may not be the first location that springs to mind when you consider a visit to a dude ranch, but it’s actually a great place to attend one. The Golden State has every type of climate and terrain in the world, acting as a sort of micro-continent within the boundaries of its massive footprint. … Read more

How Much Does A Dude Ranch Vacation Cost? (2023 Prices)

Dude Ranch Vacation cost

A dude ranch vacation is one of the most fun vacations you can do by yourself or with your family. It’s easy to have a good time here, but to get this type of cowboy experience, it does come at a cost. The cost associated with visiting a dude ranch can vary depending on the … Read more

What Is A Dude Ranch? History of Dude Ranches

Dude ranch history Roosevelt

A dude ranch is a ranch that offers an immersive vacation featuring activities like horseback riding, hunting, fishing, and much more. It’s a second home for many people where they can get to experience a cowboy lifestyle in a ranch setting and allows guests to experience the very best of Western hospitality.  Dude Ranch History  … Read more

9 Best Dude Ranches in Wyoming

Red Rock Ranch

Wyoming is one of the most iconic locations to experience the thrills of the old West at a dude ranch. They call Wyoming the Cowboy State, and it’s plain to see why with all of the vast open plains, rugged mountains, and pristine lakes.  All of this scenery is the ideal backdrop to learn about … Read more

7 Best Dude Ranches In Utah

Zion Mountain Ranch

From the Grand Canyon to Zion National Park, Utah has so many fascinating places to visit. However, if you want the full outdoor experience, Utah is the perfect place for a dude ranch vacation too!  Staying at a dude ranch allows you to truly embrace the Wild West while admiring the landscapes, trying new activities, … Read more

9 Best Dude Ranches In Colorado

Rainbow Trout Ranch

If you’ve ever dreamed of days spent on horseback, evening meals over the fire, and star-lit night skies, then you need to spend a week at a dude ranch.  Colorado is one of the best states to experience all of this, with its vast valleys surrounded by the many peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Combine … Read more